Since 2001, John and Dina Musacchio have served as missionaries in Latin America Caribbean (LAC). They have served in Guatemala and Costa Rica where they focused on church planting, youth evangelism, and youth ministry training. In 2005 they planted Iglesia Vida (Life Church) in Guatemala. Since then Vida has grown from 15 people to over 4,000, supporting 10 Guatemalan missionaries abroad and launching their first satellite church in 2018. In 2014 John and Dina joined the leadership team of Latin America Caribbean region as Strategic Coordinators to develop missionary recruitment and strategic projects for church planting throughout the region. Currently, John serves as Region Leader for Latin America for Convoy of Hope, where over 100,000 children are being fed every day. John and Dina have four children, Nicco, Roman, Nina and Sophia, and two awesome grandchildren!

For Canadian Worship Leader & Songwriter Brooke Nicholls, the key to weathering different seasons of life is all about shifting your perspective. The first time Brooke felt this kind of shift was in 2015. Seven years into a pop music career; three independent records and many missed successes later, Brooke began looking backward, at all of the heartache and disappointment, and saw very clearly the hand of God guiding her each step of the way - and so she wrote. What came out of that season was Brooke’s debut Worship/Inspirational album - ‘Found In You’ (rel. Dec 5, 2016). The songs on ‘Found In You’ were milestones of how God had been working in her life, bringing her through tough seasons and helping her find hope and healing. What she didn’t know was how those songs would connect. Click Here for more...